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SCardwell Productions (SCP) has earned a reputation as a one-stop entertainment epi-center, where clients seeking various forms of talent in the areas of visual arts, motivational speaking, dancing, comedians, actors and musical talent (bands, vocalists, DJ's and instrumentalists) from every genre can fulfill their needs from one contact.


As its community initiative, principal and recording artist, Samantha Cardwell sought to connect with a non-profit organization that exemplifies the value of inspiration through the discovery and enhancement of God-given talent in our youth.  This initiative provided the foundation of SCP's inaugural project,  Notes of Inspiration: The Series, a creative arts series which launched in the first quarter of 2012.  "With a pool of such a diverse group of people, who are essentially masters of their craft--we sought to encourage our youth to tap into their own passions and to "Be Inspired" — which became the motto for the Notes of Inspiration movement.


Ms. Cardwell began to search for organizations and community connections that would not only provide a platform for her talent pool, but would also provide the patrons and community investors an awesome outpouring of creative flow.  Essentially, Notes of Inspiration would be the crossroads between creative entertainment and the exchange of knowledge about new facets of talent to inspire others to join forces to enhance the creative arts community.   If you are interested in donating, volunteering or learning more about the talent and services SCardwell Productions offers, you may contact either organization at info@scardwellproductions.com





Founder of SCardwell Productions,

Samantha Cardwell.

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